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Air con re-gas in Portsmouth

Car air-con not working or getting as cold as it used to?

We can help! Over 60% of vehicles on the road are now fitted with an air-conditioning system. Manufacturers recommend that an air-con system should be refilled with gas and lubricated every 2 years. This ensures correct and optimum operation of the air-con system.

An air-con system that has not been fully charged will be less effective and therefore will have to work harder, and put extra strain on the engine. This will lead to your car using more fuel and giving lower miles per gallon

Air-con Re-gas Service in Portsmouth

Using our expert air-con diagnostic machine, we will ensure your air-con system is back up to scratch and as cold as it should be. We can also carry out a full clean of the system which will help remove any bacteria that has built up within the system and will remove any unpleasant odours that are being emitted from your air-con system. Price is £100 +vat.

Does your car need the new R1234YF gas?

McLaren Accident Repair and MOT Centre can regas all modern vehicles that require the newer R1234YF gas. This gas is required for selected models of newer cars and has a lower environmental impact. Price is £190 +vat.