Mini Car Service


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Oil and filter mini service in Portsmouth

Mini Service £72 including Parts and VAT

This service is ideal for those looking to service their car on a budget, while still maintaining their vehicles service schedule minimizing any unnecessary expenses. Within this service we will provide the following:

  • Oil replacement with the correct grade of oil, suitable for your car. Please note: You may incur extra cost if your vehicle requires low SAPS oil or high grade oils. Usually required by vehicles fitted with a DPF and high-end vehicles.
  • Oil filter removal and replacement with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality oil filter.
  • Check washer fluid and top up as necessary.
  • Check all vehicle lights and change bulbs if required. (An extra cost is required)
  • Brakes visually checked through wheels – additional fee if the wheels  removed.



If you are looking for a comprehensive service, take a look at our full car service.